GDPR is an acronym that strikes fear into compliance officers across the EU (and UK). GDPR is the new “health and safety” — people are quick to cite it, without really understanding how to apply it to their own organisation. For organisations adopting chatbots, PECR is less well known but equally relevant. I will cover both sets of regulations here and how they relate to Chatbots.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) cover data protection and privacy. It’s an EU regulation (as opposed to a directive) which makes it legally binding, in its entirety across EU member states. GDPR regulates…

Using machine learning

Building a chatbot initially seems quite simple. The internet is full of examples, and it’s easy to put something together. In the real (i.e. production) world, life is more complicated.

Computer programmers make assumptions about user behavior. We establish the invariants of the system and enforce them through UIs, validation rules and error handling. Life is predictable. Unfortunately chatbots, like all bots, should behave like humans, not computer systems.

We expect chatbots to handle whatever is thrown at them. In this post I’m going to cover the things we need to think about when building a production grade chatbot. …

KPIs, NLP training, validation & more

Anyone can build a chatbot. Most chatbot libraries have reasonable documentation, and the ubiquitous “hello world” bot is simple to develop. As with most things though, building an enterprise grade chatbot is far from trivial. In this post I’m going to share with you 10 tips we’ve learned through our own experience.

This is not a post about Google Dialogflow, Rasa or any specific chatbot framework. It’s about the application of technology, the development process and measuring success. As such it’s most suitable for product owners, architects and project managers who are tasked with implementing a chatbot.

1. Know (and measure) your KPIs

I’m stating the…

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UK based 🇬🇧 techie interested in the commercial application of FP AI & ML 🤖 Director of

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